Seductively Spicy Sauces 
With Jaw-Dropping Flavor

At Burnt Ends Sauce Company, we believe that a great sauce is the perfect compliment to great BBQ.  Our sauces are well balanced and versatile, with a kick.

REVERSE SEAR smacks you with that upfront bold flavor and finishes you off with searing heat that lingers.

WHITE WRAITH seduces you with its ridiculously addictive flavor profile of Alabama white sauce, then gently ushers in equally addictive levels of heat.

REAPER GOLD lives up to its name with a mustardy blend of Carolina flavors that come wrapped in a slowly elevating heat.

FATAL MANGO makes your tongue do a backflip with that subtle sweetness and a smooth medium sting.

While they are all great tasting sauces, they are geared toward folks with a craving for heat.

We source some of the hottest peppers in the world and pack them into our delicious sauces.  Be careful, we call it Burnt Ends for a reason.  You'll feel it tomorrow!