Burnt Ends 4-Pack -Reverse Sear, Reaper Gold, White Wraith and Fatal Mango

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The Burnt Ends 4-Pack gives you the best of every BBQ sauce world. You get:

REVERSE SEAR is an in-your-face version of our traditional BBQ sauce. Use it on all of your favorite BBQ meats. 7-pot Primo gives this delicious sauce its initial punch, while Carolina Reaper continues the burn on the back end. This one might still burn tomorrow. Enjoy!

WHITE WRAITH pays homage to the state of Alabama, where white sauce originated.  We kick up the heat on our version with Ghost Peppers.  Alabama white sauce is traditionally used for dunking chicken, so use this sauce accordingly.  It also makes a great dipping sauce for chicken wings.  It is incredibly addictive.  Use with caution, as tomorrow you may be as white as a ghost.

FATAL MANGO is a delicious concoction of BBQ sauce with mangoes and Fatalii peppers.  Fatalii peppers pack a citrus flavor and searing heat slightly hotter than habaneros.  This sauce is very versatile!  Use it on ribs, chicken, pork, and seafood.  You can also mix it into cream cheese for a delicious dip.  The heat level may not seem "fatal" to the toughest of chiliheads, but you will likely develop a fatal attraction to this amazing sauce.

CAROLINA REAPER GOLD is our take on a South Carolina mustard based BBQ sauce.  It was a no-brainer to pair it with the hottest pepper in the world, which also originates from South Carolina.  Try it on pork, chicken, corn dogs, chili dogs, or anything that you would eat with mustard.  It is liquid gold... with a KICK!